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Mood Board By Penrice Pupil from "outside the box" Mood Board By Penrice Pupil from "outside the box"

Promoting Body Image. Penrice Academy
Mental and Emotional health
  • Recognising and managing stress
  • Relationships Good /bad
  • Delaying sex
  • Peer Pressure


Puberty (Can be gender specific) or a small group/1:1
  • Moving into adulthood, Body changes. Why? How?
  • Periods
  • Boys Talk
  • Having a baby
  • Choices


Promoting healthy perceptions of Body Image
  • Where do our views of what is “handsome” or what is” beautiful” come from?
  • Define Normal
  • How images in the media influence us
  • Stereotypes


Unpicking the myths of pornography

According to the uk council for child internet safety, the average age for the first exposure to pornography is 11 for boys. In a you gov poll for channel 4 2/3 of 13-17 year olds said they had viewed pornography and mostly boys (YOUGOV 2008) This session does not glamorise porn but seeks to unpick the myths in an age appropriate way with group work and thought provoking exercises. Promoting resilience; helping young people to understand consent ,and their own rights.


Drugs and Alcohol
  • Drugs and the Law
  • Links between ,drug alcohol use and sex and mental health.
  • Thinking critically about the media and alcohol Cannabis Tobacco Illegal drugs (general) Novel psychoactive substances („legal highs‟) Volatile substance abuse (sniffing gases, aerosols, solvents or petrol).
  • Practicing assertiveness skills.


Healthy Lifestyles


Moving into adulthood


Exploring sexuality and what influences our thoughts
  • Thinking about Pornography and its effects.
  • LGBGTQ Issues.


Healthy Eating/Healthy lifestyles
  • Exercise
  • Weight concerns
  • Sign posting
  • Additives


Women's’ Health


  • Rubella
  • Breast Self examination
  • HPV
  • Cervical smears
  • Sun safety


Men’s Health Including
  • Testicular self examination
  • Sun safety


  • Can be delivered to mixed groups of boys/girls or to individual groups of both.
  • Boys think its only condoms for them but delivering a lesson on all methods of contraception allowing them to handle them where possible can give them an understanding of what is available and problems that could occur and where to go for help.
  • STI and Unplanned Pregnancy


Tackling sexually Transmitted infections
  • Internet safety
  • Empowering young people to be effective, autonomous and safe users of social media


Sex and the law, sexting, sexuality


  • Information and advice to help young people make an informed choice
  • Sessions may contain group work/activities /dvds to underpin health messages. As well as visual /tactile aids.

We offer a positive learning experience, and with such an extensive knowledge base can think on our feet and High Quality Education from a health perspective.

Classes involve inclusive, thought-provoking activity that will get a simple but powerful messages across.

All sessions can be designed to accommodate individual school’s SRE policy.


Challenging the myths of menstruation-Periods

Delivering a period postive message to pupils :Deconstucting the way people were taught about periods (if at all) and looking at methods of protection available including disposable options ( menstrual cups and cloth pads that you can buy or make yourself!)
Sharing the facts about periods in a positive way and challenging myths and taboos. 
Can be delivered as an assembly or as an individual session
 We keep ourselves up to date with all current research  can advise and sign post within specific areas
We do not actively promote specific brands of mesntrual products in sessions but tackle the thought of period poverty by discussing reusables also as a way of reducing land -fill and being more environmentally aware ,as well as discussing the fact that value brands are just as good as the more advertised ones.
This lesson can be adapted for any age and  delivered to both genders, remebering that some Trans -boys can menstruate.