PSHE for Primary Schools

Lessons Listed and their content are only Suggestions and can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual curriculum requirements.

Age appropriate content: 


Year 3 Looking after ourselves

We are all different, Hygiene/Germs/hand washing’ Dental Hygiene


Year 4 Thinking about Growing up

Correctly naming body parts, Celebrating our differences, how we are likely to change. Nothing to be afraid of.


Year 5 Puberty and Personal Hygiene
  • Why we sweat. Why it is important to keep clean.
  • Self-esteem. (DVD Some of your bits ain’t nice) where applicable.
  • Correctly naming body parts. Introduction to puberty.


Year 5 Help My body's changing!
  • Revision Of Body Parts.
  • We all change differently.
  • We are All Special.
  • Emotions.
  • Celebrating Our Differences.
  • Brief Introduction to periods and sanitary products (Boys and Girls).


Year 6 Puberty Adolescence a time of change
  • Body Changes.
  • Emotional Changes.
  • Physical Changes, male and female.
  • Why we change .
  • Puberty/Adolescence A time Of Change.
  • Same Sex Relationships.

Lessons can contain Individual work with girls( period talk, Breast Changes. Specific Hygiene. Questions and answers.) Boys (wet dreams, masturbation, erections, washing our “privates”)

Or 2 separate gender sessions can be booked


Year 6 - Question and answer session

As a follow up session for young people to ask any questions which may have arisen from last sessions. Questions can be asked anonymously This session usually stimulates lots of questions

Quizzes can be used to check knowledge.


Dementia Friendly Sessions:

Free sessions Dementia Friends awareness for young people.

Book Early as only a few slots available each term