Parents Sessions
Parents Sessions

7 out of 10 parents would welcome help and support from their child's school about how they can talk to their child about growing up and related issues (Sex Education Forum, 2014).


From Powerless to Powerful

Fun interactive sessions for parents to

  • Increase their knowledge of the changes children go through during puberty.
  • To enable parents to talk about relationships and sex with their children.
  • To empower parents of children with cognitive difficulties to recognise how to make the of most opportunities to teach their children about their bodies and boundaries, and heavily influence what their children learn about sexuality.
  • To give up-to-date information on contraception and sexually transmitted infections as well as other issues affecting young people today ,media influences, peer pressure sexuality, and the internet.
  • To inform parents what is taught about relationships and sex education in schools to enable them to support their children.
  • To prepare parents for the questions children may ask about growing up.


Parents learning together from Their own experiences

Curiosity about sex is a natural step from learning about the body. Sex education helps children understand about the body and helps them feel positive about their own bodies.

Discussing sex is also part of starting open communication with your child. Early, honest, and open communication between parents and children is very important, especially when your child becomes an adolescent. If open communication is normal, children and young people are more likely to speak with parents about other problems of adolescence, such as depression, relationships, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as sexual issues.


How to Book

Sessions can be arranged as single or multiple and can be booked by:

  • Schools
  • Parent groups
  • Organisations
  • Individuals


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