Additional Primary Sessions
Key Stage 1 Drugs and Medicines:
  • All Medicines are drugs BUT all drugs are not medicines.
  • Medicine Safety Rights Over Own Body.
  • Benefits of Drugs as Medicine.


Substances Harmful To health

Can Contain:

  • Smoking-Why people start, what is bad about it. Choices.
  • Alcohol: To enable children to recognize the harmful effects of alcohol on the body, why young people may start drinking.

Supported by worksheets games and props


Upper KS2
  • Cannabis
  • Inhalants and solvents
  • Legal/illegal over the counter/prescription.
  • Complying with dosage
  • Why people start taking drugs.
  • Peer Pressure. Recognising and dealing with it.


Yr 5/6 Smoking Awareness

KS1/2HandHygiene and germs

Why we wash our hands. Many different ways of demonstrating the importance of hygiene


Healthy Eating

Delivered in various ways for all ages.


Unpicking the myths of pornography

Age appropriate ways of learning about how viewing things online can shape young people’s sexual knowledge but does so by portraying sex in unrealistic ways. The nature of on line pornography is changing ,increasingly dominated by themes of aggression ,power and control blurring the lines between consent, pleasure and violence


Working with Children and young people with Learning disabilities:

Children and young people have a right to effective, relevant and accessible sex and relationship education using a variety of interactive teaching and learning methods.

Keeping Safe "By learning at an early age in their lives the correct names of body parts children are able to tell professionals and parents where they have been "touched"

(child line)