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Written by Sarah Levien

I have been approached by a researcher from channel 4 and the BBC who are working on a set of documentaries on Pornography.
One of the themes she interested in exploring is how porn has disseminated throughout society, even in to the homes (and bedrooms) of kids as young as ten – looking at the gulf that porn may have a role in creating between parents and children. How has it affected the way that young people view one another? And has access to unlimited free porn altered our perception of what sex and love is/should be?

She wanted to talk to some parents of under 16s to see how they feel about it ? to add insight to what she is doing . 
she would either like to come down and meet them or otherwise talk to them over the phone .
If they also have older under 16's in a secondary, she would be interested especially to talk to them, and to see if it is an issue with young people in the southwest.

Do you know of any parents who would be happy to talk to her or would you like to talk about the effects of, or the worries you may have about increased access to children either accidentally or because they seek it outt
Please message me and I will put you in touch .
Thank you .

Sarah Levien

Sarah Levien

I am a registered Nurse and Midwife and have had extensive experience of delivering PSHE in both Primary and Secondary School settings. I worked for a number of years in Family Planning and Young people’s Sexual Health Services and School Nursing. I am also a chartered Teacher of the PSHE Association. 

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