New Resource For KS3/4

Written by Sarah Levien

Please check out the new free  resource from Truetube

Called "The First Time"

Which comes with a free lesson plan together with ground rules  and covers the issue of consent and looking at whether a young person is "ready " for sex.

The film is a comedy about 2 young people who have planned their first sexual encounter but are struggling with  dealing with eachothers' expectations . It also then recognises that sometimes it is just good to "wait" and there are other ways of expressing love for eachother than sex. 

The film looks at how porn can influence expectations , and provides some excellent discussion points which are raised in the lesson plan .

Sarah Levien

Sarah Levien

I am a registered Nurse and Midwife and have had extensive experience of delivering PSHE in both Primary and Secondary School settings. I worked for a number of years in Family Planning and Young people’s Sexual Health Services and School Nursing. I am also a chartered Teacher of the PSHE Association. 

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