Justine Greening today confirmed that Ses and Relationships education is to be revised and made statutory in all state schools. She said that the current curriculum was “outdated” and failed to address new risks to children. The amendments that the Government will table to the Children and Social Work Bill place a duty… Check out this article,on how the governement are still avoiding making PSHE compulsary in schools

Sex Education Forum

Written by Sarah Levien 10.11.16
Attended Yesterday's "Positive Approaches to SRE " at the Sex Education Forum yestoday and was inspired by the work all my colleagues are doing ! Promoting a sex positive message. Especially enjoyed the afternoon session with Chella Quint, founder of #Periodpositive who  demonstrated the her resources for menstruation education – which…

News about periods !

Written by Taken from the Independant 02.11.16
Men wait an average of 49 minutes before being treated for abdominal pain. For women, the wait is 65 minutes for the same symptoms. It’s thought that this is because women are seen as exaggerating pain and being ‘dramatic’ due to sexist stereotypes

CAPH Conference and New website

Written by Sarah 22.10.16
Amazing day yesterday meeting lots of new schools and schools where I have already delivered sessions!

Ask your MP to support statutory SRE!

Written by Sarah 22.09.16
As another academic year begins, schools in England once again have the choice of whether or not to teach sex and relationships education (SRE). But, with a new Secretary of State for Education and a new Prime Minister there is a window of opportunity to get Government commitment for making…


Written by Sarah 20.09.16
Check out this amazing video about alzheimers: