Sarah is a qualified nurse and former midwife working in General Practice and within Brook as a contraception and sexual health practitioner and a learning facilitator.

She has had extensive experience in working with children and young people throughout her career, having worked in the young people's sexual health service, and with young pregnant teenagers, those affected by domestic abuse ,cse and mental health and self-esteem issues.

Sarah's lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each school and can support existing programmes.

Sarah is a practitioner in Object based learning and uses  a unique pair of age appropriate anatomically "representative" dolls as a tactile medium to help her deliver lessons along with other modelsshe has developed over the years.


Janet and John . Sarah's unique anatatomically representative dolls used in some sessions (coprighted)




 During sessions ,young people are encouraged to work as groups and individually within the lessons to lead their own learning. All lessons contain question and answer sessions.

Dolls have also been used in SEN work.

Sarah also offers consultancy and training services for schools and other organisations who need support developing their own programmes. As well as updates in contraception and sexual health to professionals as art of their on-going CPD.

Sarah is a core member of the sex education forum as well as the faculty of sexual health and reproduction, and keeps herself updated with current issues affecting young people as well as learning from the young people themselves